• Holistic Integrative Client Directed

    Susan M. Gallant collaborates to create learning experiences that inspires clients to grow, change, or adapt.

    Organization and Leadership Development
  • ICF EXECUTIVE Coach of the Year Nominee

    We are very proud to announce that for a second time, Dr. Gallant has been nominated as Executive Coach of the Year by ICFNE
  • What is presence?

    Presence is a quality that's difficult to define, and yet we know it when we see it. Presence arises from a combination of our energetic resonance, self-awareness, and effective behaviors.
  • The Mechanic Meets the Gardener

    Worldview impacts everything we think, do, believe, create, decide, and see. Everything! The Mechanic Meets the Gardner is a jaunt through two contradictory worldviews that filter what we experience as real and believe to be true.
  • Organization Development and Change

    Dr. Gallant is proud to have been a part of the 2nd edition of the soon to be published NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change.
  • Beliefs: Put Down the Potato Chips!

    In this article Dr. Gallant describes the notion of beliefs and invite you to identify a self-limiting belief, engage in a reflective process, and then choose what will facilitate getting more of what you want. It’s your choice!
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I focus on Leadership and Organization Development with extensive deep system experience and coaching as a primary development tool. I believe that my consulting engagements should be productive, challenging, encouraging, and fun! I support you to confront contradictions and explore your own truths.  We build your capacity for self-awareness, empowering positive behavioral change, skill building, and adding velocity to your development as a leader. This increases your ability to self-manage and lead within the systems you work, live, and play.  Together we create action plans or design experiments that enable you to move toward your most desired outcomes.

How I work: My approach is holistic, integrative, and client directed.  We create a plan tailored to your individual needs, desires, and circumstances.  No two engagements are the same. I synthesize and integrate a range of theories, models, techniques, and tools from a variety of disciplines.  I'm a pragmatist and employ what is most likely to be productive in the moment.  I am skillful working with emergent process and adapt as needed.  I help you to clarify your intentions, take empowered actions, and let go of those things that no longer serve your growth.

You can expect me to ask powerful questions and provide guidance, perspective, insight, feedback, support, structure, and tools.  You provide commitment, focus, and follow-through. My intention is always to earn your trust, infuse new energy, and guide from a place of compassion, acceptance, truth, courage, grace, and humor.

I would be honored to walk beside you, taking one gallant step after another.  I hope to see you!

Be well. Be in peace.